Glass Orbs

Purple Memorial Orb
Yellow, Orange & Green Memorial Orb

The Glass Orbs (paper weight shape and size) is hand made using the traditional hot glass method using a punty pipe (a solid pipe not used for blowing) by gathering molten glass from the furnace heated at about 2150 degrees Fahrenheit.
Using wet newspaper folded in such a way that it fits securely in my hand I am able to  shape the molten glass.  During the making of the Orbs, and after the gathers of molten glass, the cremated remains are “gathered up on” the pipe and added into the piece.  It is reheated in the glory hole, and color is added if it desired.
The great thing about glass is the optics it plays on our eyes, only a teaspoon of cremated remains is needed to create a beautiful Orb.
Bubbles can appear depending on how much the molten glass is manipulated as well as swirls.  The cremated remains turn a beautiful white and whispy in color.  The picture displayed is of remains and has no color added.
After the Orb is brought down in temperature  to about 600 degrees Fahrenheit I put it into the annealing oven where it is brought from 500 degrees Fahrenheit to room temperature.  This process takes about 14 hours depending on the production in the hotshop – the thinner the piece the faster it cools.