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Studio Time

I will be in the hotshop from February 15 – 19.

Tuesday @ 10

um03 um05I met with a beautiful couple yesterday, Tuesday @ 10.  We met online – they were looking for someone to help commemorate the memory of two loved ones.
I am always anxious, especially because of what I do, the importance and responsibility that goes with making these glass orbs.
At first meeting I felt an immediate connection, my heart filled with love, and of  hurt learning of the losses they had experienced.  We spent a few hours together, we talked, laughed, and I made quite a few orbs for the family. 
What an honor to say the least! I always say my thanks when I leave the hotshop for the night – and again when I open my annealer doors in the morning.  The orbs this morning were sparkly and bright.  It made my day meeting this couple.

“Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.”


Today I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful ladies that chose the glass orbs to remember their loved ones by.
I invited both ladies into the hotshop and involved them as much as I could in the process.
The glass orb in the photo is one using color frit and creating a bit of a swirl.  I cannot wait to see both orbs, they looked beautiful hot!



Yesterday I wanted to put together prototypes of glass orbs – so at 6:30am yesterday I stood in the yard with a bowl, paper, and a torch.  The paper ash turned out ok, and gives a better idea of what to expect.  I also played with orb size; the first attempt with just the paper ash was of 3 gathers and the colored one was of two gathers.  Both sizes are good, and I think I will offer either.   As I was making the prototypes – I attempted some photos.  Finished, cooled off photos still to come.

13912336_10157179831590335_9020263124484774545_n 13906715_10157179831395335_3249501255139406220_n 13892207_10157179831290335_4473915618051154304_n

I also tried the same “paper ash” with a green colored frit.  I manipulated the glass, color, and paper ash quite a bit, which really adds a swirl and bubbles to it.  I found I couldn’t see the “ash” in it at all.  Again – finished photos to come.

13681093_10157179831150335_904997345894335758_n 13906776_10157179831125335_1675209772807948131_n 13900219_10157179831100335_6489910637280572360_n 13886359_10157179830805335_5175511745714811946_n