Your Words

I made this for a customer who said a few words to me when I truly needed to hear them. Making the orbs I try and be that person that helps you memorialize your loss and create something beautiful that you can study and stare at, so that you can have your beautiful memory on display, a conversation piece if you choose – but this day she popped in for a quick visit and listened to me, she heard my fears, my worries and without even knowing – she helped me.

People ask all the time can you make the orb to hang – I always say no. From a technical stand point the remains need to be inside the glass making the “Ball” too heavy. But I tried it – for this lady that lifted my spirits up when she didn’t have to and this is what I got.

My plan? To wrap it up for her.


Over the past years I have been making Memorial Orbs for people – strangers who seek me out from a Facebook Add or saw my card at a craft fair. And there are questions; questions before, during and in between, here are some:

Q: You can go to school for Glass?
A: Why yes you can, I did. I attended Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario, quite a prestigious school among the glass community. I learned how to blow the glass, the chemistry of the glass, art history, photography, and the business part.

Q: Do you ever burn yourself?
A: Yes. In my first year I experienced a 3rd degree burn on my leg, a few good ones on my arms and hands… if I hurt myself on a regular basis I wouldn’t do it. Burns hurt! Usually it happens when I am careless, or cocky and sometimes just plain over tired.

Q: Is the color tissue paper in there?
A: The glass is gathered at 2120 degrees Fahrenheit – tissue paper wouldn’t…. No. No it’s not tissue paper. Metal colors the glass, copper can be a beautiful teal or a red for instance. And it’s not like paint.

Q: Do you make hearts?
A: No. I only break them ūüėČ

Q: Can I get a deal if I buy 2 or more?
A: I never know quite how to answer this question – do I explain my personal business that running my electric 135 lb furnace & annealer kill the hydro bill or the gas bill from the glory hole. Or the schooling and practise I have dedicated to this beautiful craft. But no, I usually just say “each orb is individually handmade and as an independent glass blower I just can’t do things for cheaper.”

Q: Do you teach classes? You should.
A: Nah, there is no way you can learn in an afternoon. If you want to learn how to blow glass, and you’re not willing to go to school for it then you show up to a hot shop and you do the grunt work. You learn by watching, assisting, cleaning, cold working and then one day the gaffer (glass blower) will let you try. This sport is for the committed, it’s so expensive and not a lot of blowers will let you handle their tools…

Q: Do you make bongs?
A: No I don’t. I blow with an art glass that is too soft and the minute you add heat to it, it would explode. I am what the glass community refers to as a furnace blower, or glass blower. Bongs are usually made of “Boro” glass which is a harder glass that can take temperature shock such as heat and made by torch workers or flame workers.

Q: Can you make me something like So & So makes?
A: No. I can’t in good faith copy another artists idea and sell it. There is a code and I take a lot of pride in the designs I come up with. If you like a makers product, buy it! It makes my day every time some loves one of my pieces, a lot goes into each piece, a lot. It may just look like a cup to you – but for me there was a good 10 on the ground before I got them into the annealer ūüôā

Keep asking the questions! I love sharing with each and every one of you what I do, and how amazing it is. Glass is stubborn, it’s testy, and actually rather moody! But it can be so very rewarding too once you relax and go with piece instead of fighting with it. Life isn’t always “on centre”!

Unplanned & Short Notice

um05Unplanned as in unplanned blowing slots which means short notice for you! Ill be in the hot shop November 30 РDecember 07 and have some available times to complete Memorial Orbs.  If this is of interest to you please be sure to contact me as soon as possible as my time is limited.

Please note that this is a difficult decision and is recommended to talk to me, ask the questions, search the website, look at pictures and be certain that this is something that will help memorialize your loved one. ¬†It’s not for everyone and I completely understand – the booking times are limited and last minute cancellations due to second thoughts take from another person who may benefit. ¬†Going forward upon booking there will be a $20. non refundable deposit required that will be applied to your total. ¬†

Each are so different

It’s an honour

yphz9fhwtyyrwigyuzpg6qEveryone dies. ¬† My Grandpa told me that once – and while true I didn’t believe him until one day he got so sick and indeed proved me wrong. ¬†And I acted surprised, disbelief. ¬†I have had loss,¬†unimaginable loss. ¬†And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t relive part of it, and honestly there isn’t a day where I want to forget. ¬†I got to love.

Tea Light


My Grandpa¬†was a strong and he was a say it like it is kind of guy, he was cheeky and always got away with whatever came out of his mouth. ¬†He was smart, and quick, but the love he emitted – well I was blessed. ¬†I was his Toe- Toe. ¬†He wasn’t my first loss but he helped me through it and I think I miss him the most for that.

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to meet with people who are wanting to honour their loved ones and remember them in a special way.  I have made some memorial orbs, memorial sea stars, and some beautiful candle holders too.  I felt honour and I felt gratitude.





Studio Time

I will be in the hotshop from February 15 – 19.

Tuesday @ 10

um03 um05I met with a beautiful couple yesterday, Tuesday @ 10.  We met online Рthey were looking for someone to help commemorate the memory of two loved ones.
I am always anxious, especially because of what I do, the importance and responsibility that goes with making these glass orbs.
At first meeting I felt an immediate connection, my heart filled with love, and of  hurt learning of the losses they had experienced.  We spent a few hours together, we talked, laughed, and I made quite a few orbs for the family. 
What an honor to say the least! I always say my thanks when I leave the hotshop for the night Рand again when I open my annealer doors in the morning.  The orbs this morning were sparkly and bright.  It made my day meeting this couple.

“Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.”


Today I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful ladies that chose the glass orbs to remember their loved ones by.
I invited both ladies into the hotshop and involved them as much as I could in the process.
The glass orb in the photo is one using color frit and creating a bit of a swirl.  I cannot wait to see both orbs, they looked beautiful hot!